M is for Malice 3


I am so glad that Robert returned.

He still didn’t make any promises, but at least, he admitted to missing Kinsey. I like it when Kinsey lets herself feel. She often appears as hard and detached, but when her defences are down, she sounds more human. Robert left because he had to see her sons, but he promised to return. I wonder if that will be true. I would hate it if Kinsey gets disappointed once again.

As for the case, I have to say that the Malek brothers are horrible, nothing but hyenas. They are already to inherit millions of dollars, and they are hoping to find the will that allegedly left Guy out, or otherwise, they hope Guy will generously turn down the money. Isn’t the money they are going to inherit enough? They already know that Guy is skint while they are not wanting for anything, so why can’t they accept that their brother also has a right to the money?

Donovan invites Guy to the house to talk, and Kinsey drives him there even though she feels it is not a good idea for him. She is afraid that he will be vulnerable with his brothers. And I think something bad might happen because when Kinsey bids him goodbye, the way she talks makes me think that Guy could suffer some damage.

That Monday Kinsey gets a very angry call from Donovan. Apparently, the press has camped outside their property because they have got wind of Guy returning. Donovan thinks that Kinsey has leaked the story to the press because she is the only one outside the family who knew about Guy. Even though Kinsey denies the whole thing, Donovan can’t be appeased. Then when she makes some inquiries with the journalist who called Donovan, he tells her that a letter was sent to him from someone called Max Outhwaite, but after inquiring after the man and the address, he realized that neither the man nor the address existed. I wonder who could have sent the letters to the press. Could it have been one of the Maleks? Or maybe Christine, Donovan’s wife? Whoever it was, I have no idea why they would want the press involved.


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