The Cold Cold Sea 4 – The End


The novel triggered many feelings in me.

One of them is outrage. I thought that when Phillip saw Olivia and realized what his wife had done, he would do the right thing. But, no. Since he wanted to protect his wife and his twins, he wanted to do the right thing on his own. His intention was to find out who the girl was and give her back to her parents with discretion. Yet, he didn’t do any of it, and days went by without him moving a finger. And then the days became weeks, and naturally, his silence had turned him into a criminal. I was so angry. I liked Phillip very much when he was looking after his grandmother, but this deleted my good opinion. I think he was even worse than Jennifer. He was good to Olivia, that’s true, but keeping her from her parents was too huge to feel understanding for this man. Jennifer can be excused because she was not right in her head, but Phillip had no valid excuse.

It is when they have a meal out that everything is cleared out. Olivia and Jennifer are in the toilet, but when Olivia returns alone, Phillip leaves her with the buggy to go and find Jennifer. Realizing that her husband had left the children alone, Jennifer rushes to the car park followed by Phillip, and somehow a van runs over Jennifer, Phillip, and Olivia, and they all end up in hospital. Jennifer has broken her pelvis, but there is some internal bleeding and she dies; Phillip has broken a leg and has some other wounds. Olivia is just shaken, and her teacher is called because that is the only other adult person Olivia knows. The hospital social services let Katy take Olivia, and she tries to find any other relatives, so she goes back to Jennifer’s place. It is there that she finds Jennifer’s mother’s phone number, and when she calls her, the truth comes out. The woman tells Katy that Hailey drowned in Turkey. Katy finally manages to persuade Olivia to speak up, and the girl tells her that Jennifer had told her that she would be killed if she told the truth about the beach. Olivia even tells her her that on the day of the beach Jennifer was there and persuaded her to to to her car to see her babies, and then she simply took her away.

The end is quite emotional with the police calling Maggie and Colin, and them coming to find Olivia alive. Phillip eventually gets arrested and goes to prison for two years. I have to say that he deserved it. If there hadn’t been that accident, what would have happened to Olivia? Jennifer was mistreating her, and Phillip knew and didn’t do anything about it.

I liked the novel very much. There are some parts I found quite upsetting like Phillip’s actions. The men in this novel don’t make a nice picture; first, Colin treating his wife horribly when she was hurting after losing Olivia. And then Phillip aiding and abetting his wife’s madness. Thankfully, the end was a happy one and Olivia was returned to her parents. There are also parts that didn’t add anything to the story. For example, the romance between Katy and Mark was surplus in my opinion.


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