The Cold Cold Sea 3


Poor Olivia.

She is terrorized and scared of this woman who tells her she’s her mummy. She only understands that she has changed houses and families, and when her teacher tells her that she moved several times when she was a child, she thinks it’s normal. Then Jennifer threatens her if she talks about the past. Olivia is a mess. When she is asked to draw the most important people in her life, she draws her real family, which puzzles Katy, her teacher, and just the mention of her real name is enough to make her sick and sob.

Now Phillip is back after his grandmother has died. He has come to discover Jennifer in labour and a strange little girl in the house. He realizes that Jennifer is not right; she has hidden her pregnancy from him for months, and what is most scary, there is a child that she calls Hailey like their daughter. We know that Hailey died when she drowned in the sea while they were on holiday in Turkey. It is clear that Jennifer is deranged, but she also has a grasp of reality. Otherwise, why would she be scared of strangers inquiring about Hailey and the past? I imagine that Phillip will set things straight, and Maggie will get Olivia back. But what will happen to Jennifer and the twins she’s about to have?


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