The Cold Cold Sea 2


I knew I was right. Jennifer Marshal has Olivia.

I don’t know how she managed to take her from the beach without anybody spotting her. The case is that she thinks the girl is Hailey, her daughter who I believed died. In her mind Olivia is none other than Hailey, but even though you are led to believe that Jennifer believes her story, there are other instances that tell you that she knows what she has done. She terrorizes Olivia into repeating what Jennifer tells her to. She drugs her, dyes her hair, and when she takes her to school, she tells her exactly what to say. Her teacher Katy thinks that something is the matter with the girl who she knows as Hailey. She thinks she behaves as someone younger than five, and it is true because Olivia was turning four that summer, and she thinks that her silence and aloofness are worrying. So she goes to see Olivia, and Katy realizes that the girl is even more silent with her mother, and when Katy leaves, Jennifer is livid, threatening the girl with punishment if she talks about her previous house to anybody. Jennifer even pushes her and the girl hits her head and loses consciousness.


I hope that Jennifer gets found out soon because Olivia is really unhappy, and since she is so little and terrorized, she feels she can’t talk about her other family. I really hope that Phillip returns from America soon. He is going to be up for some surprises. Jennifer is pregnant with twins, which will be a good thing for him, but when she finds this strange little girl at home, I hope he does the right thing. He seems a reasonable man, and Olivia needs to be with her family and not with this clearly unstable woman.


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