New Book – M is for Malice by Sue Grafton


I have just started another Kinsey Millhone mystery.

The first sentence in the book gripped me. Kinsey mentions Robert Dietz returning. Robert was the investigator she hired when she was threatened and then she had an affair with him.  Kinsey has mentioned him from time to time in the previous books, so I am pretty sure that this man has left his mark on her. It is been two years since he left, and naturally, Kinsey is hurt. Robert turns up unannounced, explaining that the funds for her anti-terrorist missions in Germany have run out, so he is back, hoping he can crash at Kinsey’s for a few days. Robert is surprised when Kinsey doesn’t welcome him with open arms, but what would he expect? From what we know, Kinsey hoped he would have stayed with her, so she feels abandoned. It is obvious that Dietz didn’t even keep in touch because there is a lot he doesn’t know about Kinsey. The man has no idea about women. I wonder how this will work out in the novel. So far their relationship has been kept chaste with Robert sleeping on her sofa, but will that be the norm while he is staying with Kinsey?

Apart from Dietz, there is a new case. Her cousin Tasha hires to find someone. The Malek family are wealthy owners of a concrete business. The father has died, and there is a problem with his will. There are four brothers: Donovan, Guy, Bennet, and Jack. The second brother, Guy, was the black sheep, involved with drugs and stealing money from his father. Eighteen years ago when his father was fed up with his behaviour, he gave him a share of the money and kicked out. Nobody has heard from him again. Apparently, Malek Senior had a new will made, leaving Guy out since he had already provided for him. However, that second will hasn’t been found, and the will that they have is the one that gives a quarter of the family fortune to Guy. Kinsey is hired now to find Guy, and after a few inquiries, he finds out that Guy lives about a hundred kilometres from Santa Teresa. Now Donovan wants her to go there and talk to his brother. I suspect that this is not going to be so straightforward as Kinsey thinks. Maybe Guy’s life is in danger, and if he were to die, his brothers would be the first suspects.


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