M is for Malice 2


I feel sorry for Kinsey.

It is not often that she opens up. She is often quite reserved in her feelings, but this time she has surprised me. When she and Dietz go out for a drink, alcohol loosens her tongue, and she tells him how she feels and felt when he left. Kinsey hasn’t been lucky with men. There were her two ex-husbands, one of whom turned out to be gay, and then there are the men we have known in these books. There was a lawyer she had an affair with and then turned out to be a killer and even tried to kill her. Then there was Jonah. I liked him, but his strange relationship with the mother of his daughters simply put Kinsey off, and I can’t blame her. And then there is Dietz, who swept her off her feet just to abandon her, and this time he admits he won’t stay because he is the kind of man to be always on the move. I have to grant him that he is not trying to fool her, but I really feel sorry for her. Kinsey feels lonely as everyone seems to abandon her in the end. And then the following day Diets packs and leaves. Is this the last we’ll see of Dietz? I hope not. I had good expectations for this chapter and with Dietz, and if he doesn’t show in the chapter any more, it will quite the downer.

Apart from that, Kinsey goes to talk to Guy. He is a changed man from the lost soul he was in his youth. He is pleased when he wrongly thinks that his family has sent someone to find him, and then Kinsey has to tell him the truth. His brothers are not too interested in finding him as this was simply a legal matter. Guy tells him about his conversation after he got a ride from a pastor and his wife. He has been working for the pastor for fifteen years, and even though he doesn’t own much, he seems content with his life. I wonder how Guy’s re-appearance will result and how the other three brothers will take it.



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