Passenger to Frankfurt 2


I wonder if like in other Agatha Christie novels, there will be a death.

So far the book seems to be more about espionage. Sir Stafford has another close shave as a woman driving a car misses hitting him. Then Sir Stafford realizes that he doesn’t know anything about what he got himself into when he accepted to be part of the plan of the woman he met in Frankfurt. So he puts an advertisement in the personals, and it is a week later that there is another ad, summoning him to a bridge in London. There a woman almost knocks him over, but she places a paper in his hand. It is a ticket to a music festival, and after the intermission of the opera, he realizes that the woman who now takes the seat next to him is the woman from Frankfurt. I am curious to know what the woman will tell him and what mystery she has brought with her.


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