New Book – Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie


This mystery by Agatha Christie introduces Sir Stafford Nye.

Sir Stafford is returning to England from Malaya where he attended some diplomatic meeting when the plane is diverted due to the fog. They stop at Frankfurt, and it is there that Sir Stafford is approached by a woman who makes him a proposition. She claims she is in danger, so she believes that if she were to pass herself off as Sir Stafford she might make it to Geneva. Sir Stafford is in disbelief, but the woman convinces him that he can have his passport, cut her hair off, and have his peculiar clothes. The woman has a plan up her sleeve; Sir Stafford would drink something that she will have spiked, and then he will fall asleep,and when he wakes up, he’ll claim he’s been robbed and will have no problem to clear his name. Sir Stafford accepts and that is what happens.

Back in London the episode is told in the most selected circles. Sir Stafford has to admit the truth to Horsham, who works for security. Horsham tells him that the woman he helped was someone that was knows as Mary Anne, but he doesn’t know why she was in danger or if she made it to Geneva. Then strange things start happening to Sir Stafford. A man claiming to come from the cleaner’s drop by his house and convinces his housekeeper that he’s coming for a few suits. So Sir Stafford realizes that someone has searched his room, trying to find something but he has no idea what. And then when he is talking a walk, he has an incident when a driver almost hits him, and he has the impression that the driver tried to run him over on purpose.

This is not the kind of mysteries I liked most. I prefer the typical ones with a series of characters, suspicious of having killed someone. I know that Agatha Christie also favoured spy plots, and this is one of them. I am not so fond of this kind of stories. I think I’ve read this novel before but I am not sure. I have the suspicion that the thing that Sir Stafford’s room was searched for is in the teddy bear he bought at the airport from her niece Sybil. Maybe the woman at the airport put something inside, but I have no idea what. I am also curious to know why anybody would want to kill Sir Stafford. He doesn’t know anything; he simply helped this woman, and I’m afraid that this act of kindness is going to get into more trouble that he had counted on.


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