What She Knew 6 – The End



The end was as captivating as the rest of the novel. I am glad that I was wrong, and Ben was actually returned to her mother. The prologue was misleading and made us think that Ben went missing a year ago, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t back. I am also glad that I didn’t guess who the kidnapper was. I was quite surprised. The woman kept the poor boy in that basement room because she wanted him for herself. It could have happened to any boy in her class, but apparently, she had a fixation on Ben. Thankfully, certain events helped to thwart the woman’s intentions. She didn’t count on the police asking her to go to the station to give a statement about Lucas and then sharing a car with Rachel and having a slip of the tongue. Rachel proved to be very clever and strong, and it was thanks to her that the woman was detained.

And poor Ben. When she suspected she would be caught, the horrible woman left him in the woods only in his underwear and covered with a bin liner. That was horrendous. He could have died of hypothermia. Thankfully, he was found and he survived. But we learn that a year after the event, Ben is still suffering from the traumatic experience. He doesn’t talk about those days and keeps very solemn and quiet when people around him try to talk about it, and he has terrible nightmares and even throws the occasional tantrum. Rachel believes that it is her main priority now to look after her son and do everything in her power to give him the stability and happiness he deserves. It will be difficult to build up his trust again. He willingly went with someone he trusted, and she turned out to be someone bad, and he also trusted on her parents finding him soon, but it took days. So this is something that this little boy has lost.

I really loved the book. It is one of the best thrillers I have read lately. Gilly MacMillan has become a part of my favourite authors list, and I’ll definitely read more of her books.


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