What She Knew 4


What a compulsive novel!!!


Apart from all the twists in the book, there are some good thought-provoking points. The power of the press and social media to judge someone is so huge. This is what Rachel is experiencing. She is being crucified by comments of people who feel safe behind their screens or their pens. It is easy to judge a person without taking responsibility for what your words can do to her. Television and the press give us a warped profile of a person, but we still judge. I really feel so sorry for Rachel as she now doesn’t have anybody to rely on. Her sister has proved to be untrustworthy, and she feels she can’t even trust her best friend. Then we learn that it is Emma, her family liaison, Jim’s girlfriend, who leaked the information for the blog that is attacking her so harsh. She still hasn’t learnt the truth about Emma, but this is another person who has betrayed her. Only when Emma saw the photographs Rachel had taken of Ben and the love in them did she confess the truth to Jim . She asked Jim to help her, but he forced her to confess, and that is how their relationship finished.

After picking up Ben’s books from school, Rachel leafs through them, and in one of them Ben has written about their usual walks in the forest, and Rachel is sure that the person who took Ben belongs to his school. So she takes the book to the police. We learn from Jim’s conversation with his psychiatrist that they found some CCTV footage of Lucas, the teacher’s assistant, in the forest that Sunday. So his alibi doesn’t match, so I imagine the man will be questioned next.

Now Rachel is even more lonely. Someone threw a brick through her window while John was there. John rushed out of the door and chased the attacker, but he ended up with a blow in his head, bleeding and unconscious. So he is now in hospital and Rachel doesn’t even have him to turn to now.

I wonder if we will know what happened to Ben and who took him. Was it the teacher’s assistant, a stranger, or someone in the family? And what happened that Jim ended up with these mental problems?


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