What She Knew 3



There is a new lead for the police to follow.

They have received an anonymous letter at the police station in which whoever wrote it gloats over Ben’s disappearing. The person addresses John, and it is clear that the person knew John in a professional fashion, and it seems that it must be a parent who also lost a child and he/she blames John.

Nicky has left Rachel’s home, promising to return in a few days. The tension is notable between the two sisters, but I find Rachel’s reaction to her sister’s lies and hidden feelings quite mild. It is a shock to learn that everything you had known about yourself is a lie, but personally what I found more shocking was Nicky’s attitude towards Rachel, being so petty and envious. I really didn’t expect that, and this is the last thing Rachel needs right now. She is already going through much, so I can imagine how lonely she feels at the moment. No wonder she decides to visit her former mother-in-law, who is in a nursing home on the first stages of dementia. I guess she needed to see someone who made her feel she wasn’t alone.

I have the hunch that in the end we will learn that poor Ben is dead. I don’t know who might have abducted or killed him, but I think this is what might have affected Jim so much. Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason why she is so unstable that she has to see the psychiatrist. I bet the end of the novel won’t be a happy one.


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