New Book – What She Knew by Gilly MacMillan


Publication year: 2015

I have just started this book which is told from different points of view.

First, we are introduced to Rachel. It is November 2013, and we know that a year before something happened. So Rachel tells us about her son Ben disappearing a year ago, and when she did a TV appeal, people turned against her. I wonder why and how Ben went missing. She mentions she was too worried at the time about her ex-husband’s new wife. So far we don’t know much about Rachel, her son, or her relationship with her ex-husband. We can assume that a year after that event, Ben is already missing.

The other character we are introduced to is Jim Clemo, who apparently was the detective in charge of the investigation, and it seems that the case affected him more than he could have thought. He is now suffering from insomnia, and his superiors are forcing him to see a psychiatrist if he doesn’t want to be fired. I wonder what could have happened for Jim to have this meltdown.

Interesting start. I am intrigued by the characters. I am sure it is going to be an interesting read.


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