The Other Wife 2


In this part the book becomes a mystery.

Rose and Libby go to Switzerland to visit the Dignitas clinic. Rose is determined to finish her suffering, but they return to England. It is six months later when Rose thinks it is time for the end. Rose has her goodbyes the night before she and Libby are to fly to Switzerland. The following day after dropping off the children at school, they find the door ajar and when they get into the house, they find Rose dead.

Nobody thinks there has been foul play. But then weeks later apparently the police gets a tip off and they find that Rose died of a morphine overdose and there are traces of fibres from the pillow as if someone had held the pillow on her face. Since they find Libby’s prints on Rose, the woman is arrested.

In the second part of the book we get to read different views. Apart from Libby, we are the voices of Rob, her husband, Melissa, her best friend, and even Molly, her eldest daughter. I have no idea who could have killed Rose and why? It is clear that they are trying to frame Libby, and I don’t understand who could that.  Who wanted Rose dead when the poor woman was already so sick that she was going to Switzerland to die? Rob thinks that whoever killed Rose didn’t know about what she intended to do. So who could do such a thing? If I consider the main characters, I can’t come up with a logical theory. Rob was with Libby, and why kill Rose when he knew that she was going to die soon in Switzerland? I doubt Melissa would have any interest in Rose. She felt relegated when Rose appeared in Libby’s life, but that was hardly a reason to kill the poor woman. And Molly is out of the question. So who is left for suspicion? I really have no idea.

Libby is also a bit frustrating. They have Rose’s letters that could be presented as evidence that Rose  was planning to end her life, so it doesn’t make sense that Libby would want her dead. Yet, Libby is adamant that they should keep the letters a secret. Her reasoning is that she doesn’t want to soil Rose’s name and life. It is a generous detail, but she should see that her children and Max need her, and she needs to do anything to be released. That is what Rose would want. I hope she comes to her senses and lets Rob use those letters to Max for her defence. I feel so sorry for Libby. After all she has done for Rose, caring for her, when she had many reasons to hate her, she gets rewarded this way, accused of a terrible crime when all she tried to do was what she thought was best for Rose. I am intrigued to know who Rose’s killer is. I imagine I will be surprised.


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