Saving Sophie 5 – The End



It seems that this family is cut from the same cloth.

Sophie and Karen stupidly decide not to involve the police even when they know who the killer is. I am not sure why Sophie would think she could end up in jail, just because the murderer told him she had enjoyed Erin’s murder? It was clear that she had been drugged and kidnapped, and under the influence of drugs she could have acted strangely. Sophie is a teenager, so we can excuse her behaviour, but her mother? Even though she has mental issues, she should have had more sense. A very dangerous man is threatening them, and she decides to heed her daughter and not call the police. Why? What did they think? That the matter would sort itself out?

Then when Amy comes and talks to Karen, the woman’s foolishness becomes even sharper. Amy tells her that she was the one who drugged Sophie because her boyfriend, a man who she had met online, told him to. Her boyfriend said he just wanted to get back at Karen because she had been responsible for his father’s death, and Amy believed that he simply wanted to take some compromising photographs of Amy to hurt Karen. My goodness, what kind of friend is she? First, she doesn’t freak out when this man tells her this convoluted story and his wish for revenge. I wouldn’t want to be with a man with such a chip on his shoulder. I wouldn’t be able to trust him. It’s not as if Karen murdered his father, and instead of thinking him a nutcase, Amy teamed with him to hurt her best friend. Oh my! And did she really feel responsible? It was her friend, her best friend!!! Since the first moment I didn’t like Amy at all, and the end of the novel shows I was right to dislike her. Then she also admits that she was okay with her boyfriend giving Erin a good lesson. This girl was just a nasty case. So “clever” Karen, instead of calling the police with this information about the murderer’s identity, she racks her brains to get Amy out of this mess. This is the girl who drugged your daughter and almost got her killed! Is the woman real?

Then they learn that Jay has Sophie and threatens to kill her. So Karen makes him take Sophie to an area in the moors. Jay’s personality is quite strange; he wants to kill Sophie and get back at Karen for her involvement in his father’s death, but at the same time he says he loves her and wants a future with her. That is quite insane, which naturally is what Jay is, but I find his personality quite far-fetched.

In the end, when Amy and Karen go to find Jay, he says he is going to kill Sophie, and then Karen realizes that she is the key in all this matter. So she stabs herself, so Jay has to let go of Sophie, and at the same time there is an explosion. As Karen is bleeding on the ground, she sees Mike. He has shot and killed Jay. He knew where she was after the police came to find him. He admits that he knew what had been going on between her and Jay. It is not clear what happens next. We don’t know if Karen survived or if Mike was sent to jail. The only thing we know is from the epilogue when Sophie is at home, afraid of a man that is stalking her, I am not sure if it’s her imagination or is real, but the thing is that she has become agoraphobic as her mother.

I liked the premise of the book. I enjoyed some parts, but I found the stupid attitudes of Sophie and Karen too hard for me to understand and sympathise with. I think most of the characters in the book are unsympathetic, selfish, and unlikeable. The only person I liked most was Rachel, and she has such a little part.


One thought on “Saving Sophie 5 – The End

  1. Totally agree with you. Karen and Sophie’s characters are a bit annoying and I don’t like how Soph treats her mom. Poor Mike though.

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