Saving Sophie 4


I find the main female characters in the novel quite stupid.

First, Sophie gets all these emails with pictures of her, and she gets flashbacks from Saturday night, which tell her that she was there when Erin was killed, and the place where the photographs are taken is where Erin was killed. Then she realizes she is being stalked. So instead of going to the police straightaway, she keeps quiet. Your friend has been killed, someone is scaring you with the photographs and you know that person is following you, and you don’t do anything. I would have gone to the police right away. Is she more worried of her dignity and reputation than her life???? Her friend was murdered!!!! Doesn’t she realize what that means???

Thankfully, she finally confides in her mother, and when she tells her about the email address, Karen feels she knows who it belongs to. So instead of forcing her daughter to go to the police, they concoct a plan to find the stalker. Silly woman!!! Then we learn that the man she thinks is the stalker is someone called Jay, one she found on a dating site and who she had an online relationship with. Only when he wanted to meet, Karen break things off, but his answer was quite violent. I find this quite incoherent. Karen, a woman who was attacked and is suffering from such terrible anxiety that she is unable to leave the house, decides to go to a dating site when she can’t even have a normal relationship with her own family. What did he expect to find there? I understand that her relationship with her husband is on the rocks and she feels lonely, but after a sexual attack, how could she even consider finding a stranger on a dating site? I find that totally strange and incoherent to her personality.

When she emails Jay, he admits to having stalked Sophie to get back at her. Apparently, the photos Jay sent her were fake, so the day she saw Sophie’s stalker, she didn’t recognise him. Then Jay tells him that they need to settle score on account of someone call Andrew Watkins. Karen thinks the name is related to her former job as a probation officer, and on calling an ex-colleague, she confirms that the man was one case Karen had just after Sophie was born, and she recalled his probation. That is the reason why Jay wants revenge. Now Sophie and Jay know that this man is trying to harm them, and they still don’t go to the police. Stupid women! Sophie even thinks he killed Erin, so why on earth doesn’t she go to the police and tell them what they already know? I find this situation illogical.

The police seem to have a lead on Maria, Erin’s father’s girlfriend. There are some strange things going on there. Apparently, there was some urgency for Maria to move in with Adam, a month or so after meeting him. Then Amy remembers that Erin told her that Maria had given her the taxi telephone number, and the police discover that the mobile phone that Erin took on her outings was a gift from Maria and the woman had recorded several numbers on it. When the police visit her and Adam, Maria is anxious, so I have the feeling that she is involved. Might she be related to Jay? Are they in it together? Maybe they are actually husband and wife? Or maybe siblings? But if Jay wanted retaliation on Karen, why did they kill Erin?

And what about Dan? Sophie has seen him with Jay. Does that mean he is also involved? Dan has been acting strangely, but maybe it is just a coincidence that Dan is talking to Jay. I don’t know.

I really hope that these two women go to the police straightaway. I don’t know what they are waiting or playing at. There is a dangerous person at large, and they can’t think they can discourage him from harming them. If something happens to them, it will be for their own stupidity.


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