Saving Sophie 3


Contrary what I thought, Amy isn’t the girl who the police found.

It is Erin, who used to be Sophie’s best friend until she met Sophie, so Erin was relegated. Erin is also the daughter of Rachel, who is Karen’s best friend. The police and everybody thought that the body belonged to Amy because Erin looked like her. Apparently, Erin had had a makeover, dying her hair and adding extensions. So she looked like Amy. So Sophie’s baffling words the night before make some sense, something about “Why would she want to be Amy?”.

Sophie keeps receiving emails from an unknown sender with photographs that she is now sure are of her. Yet, she keeps quiet about it, and doesn’t tell her mother. Besides, she starts having flashback, supposedly memories from that night, and she remembers seeing Erin tied and gagged. So if she remembers that, she believes that she was in the same room where Erin was tortured and killed, so she must have seen the murderer. Does that mean that both Erin and Sophie were abducted and then Sophie was released for some reason? Was she drugged and that is why she doesn’t remember? I think Sophie should tell somebody about the emails because she could be in danger.

I can understand that Sophie is reluctant to talk to her mother. Karen is a mess, and we learn that she hasn’t left the house for two years, suffering from agoraphobia. She isn’t able to leave now to go and comfort Rachel, who has lost her child in such terrible circumstances. I feel sorry for her but also frustrated. I find her quite selfish, and even though I can commiserate with her mental state, I think she should make an effort for Rachel. It is her friend who has lost her daughter, and Karen simply keeps thinking of Sophie and what all this can affect her.

I also find Amy quite disagreeable. She appears unsympathetic to what has happened to Erin, and she is loath to talk to Sophie. Actually, Sophie is quite taken aback by her friend’s attitude. I think in this novel there are many who hide something, mainly Sophie’s friends. Amy clearly knows more than she is letting on, and so does Dan. The story about putting Sophie into a taxi is an invention that they must have agreed to tell, and I wonder why.

Apart from that, there are messages from someone to – I think – a woman who he loves and desires. Apparently, they agreed to meet, but the woman called it off. Now we only get love and sensual messages from this man. So who is this man? The murderer? And who is the woman he is sending messages to? Erin? Amy? Or Sophie?


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