Saving Sophie 2


The worst has happened.

Amy’s body has been found, and the police naturally has come forward to investigate the caused. The detective that is dealing with the case is DI Lindsay Wade. She and her colleague DS Mack talk to Sophie, who still doesn’t remember anything, and also Dan, who keeps saying that Amy and Erin put Sophie into a taxi. When Karen hears him, she has the impression this is something that Dan has learnt in agreement with the others, but it doesn’t ring true. I am intrigued, and I wonder what happened that night. If Sophie wasn’t put into a taxi, then why are her friends lying? And how did she end up wandering the streets of town? And what about Amy? When did her friends last see her? And who has killed her?

I don’t know if it might have any relevance to Amy’s murder, but we know that Karen was attacked two years ago. I imagine she was raped, and from what we have seen so far, her husband seems to have problems acknowledging the fact. Karen has been taken pills for her anxiety for two years, but she gets irritated that Mike doesn’t even know what they are for. I have the impression that their marriage is staggering dangerously. If something terrible happens to you, you should know that you can have the support of the person you chose as your life partner, but if that person isn’t there for you, what kind of relationship is that?


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