New Book – Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington


Publishing year: 2016

This is a new thriller.

Two parents, Karen and Mike, become anxious when the police bring their daughter Sophie home. Apparently, they found her wandering aimlessly alone. When the police go, Karen and Mike try to talk to Sophie, but she keeps talking a lot of meaningless stuff, something about her friend Amy not being Amy.

The following day when Karen wakes up and asks her about the night before, Sophie claims she doesn’t remember anything. When she texts her friends, they tell her that she was put into a taxi home, but she never came home in that taxi, so Sophie and Karen wondered what happened for Sophie ending up wandering alone in town. Apart from that, Karen talks to Amy’s mother, and apparently, the girl didn’t sleep at home the night before, and as the hours pass, the theory that Amy is missing becomes more real. Yet, since one of the other girls, Erin, hasn’t contacted Sophie either, she thinks that the two girls must be together.

At the same time Sophie has received an email from an unknown recipient in which there is a photograph that she thinks is of her at first. The face is not in the photograph, and she can only see the legs and part of the dress. The dress seems to be the black one she was wearing the night before, and the thigh shows a blurred tattoo, and she has the tattoo of a snake on her thigh. First, she is anxious about the email as it seems creepy, then she thinks it is a joke from one of her friends, and in the end she disregards the whole thing, convincing herself that the woman in the photograph isn’t her.

Interesting start. I wonder what happened that night. I haven’t mentioned the prologue in which there is a man who has kidnapped a black-haired girl. I wonder if that is Amy. Who has kidnapped her and why? And why doesn’t Sophie remember anything from that night? And how did Sophie come from being in the taxi to roaming the streets blindly and being intercepted by the police?


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