The Trysting Tree 6


The book is getting more and more interesting.

When Connor mentions that Ivy had two birthdays: the official one and the one who apparently Violet wrote wrong in the bible, Ann guesses that there is a meaning about it. So she thinks that there were two babies: one who died and one who survived. She reckons that Ivy’s baby died, and at the time Hester was also pregnant, and that baby survived, and Violet agreed to pose as her mother to save Hester from disgrace. I think Ann is right. In the parts where the tree talks about its memories, he mentions two women burying a tiny baby under the trysting tree, so that must have been Violet’s baby.

We know that William returned to the house without a memory, so does this mean he never recovered his memory and Hester never told him about their love and that baby Ivy wasn’t his niece but his daughter? And what about Violet? Why didn’t she tell her brother the truth? Was he so broken after the war that she feared it would do him harm to know the truth?

I am also intrigued by the secrets in the present. Ann is having nightmares about Sylvester, her father. I think there is some big secret that haunted her as a child and is back to trouble her. I wonder if my previous suspicions are right, and the reason why Sylvester disappeared is because he is dead and has been dead since she was five. Was he murdered? And does Phoebe have anything to do with his death?


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