The Trysting Tree 4


There are quite a few secrets and mysteries about the past.

Phoebe, Ann, and Connor continue reading Hester’s diaries and going through all the documents Connor has. One of the things that puzzle them is a letter that Ivy wrote to William. The writing in the letter is blurred as if it had been in contact with water, so they think that Ivy was crying when he wrote the letter. Yet, there is nothing sad in the letter that gives them a clue why the person writing or reading it could be crying.

Another thing that they find is an empty envelope addressed to Ivy Hatherwick. Connor finds this odd since when Ivy was able to write, she had been adopted by Hester, and her name was Mordaunt.

And the last thing they discover is a photograph of Violet and Ivy sitting on a swing under the tree. Somehow the photograph upsets Ann, and Phoebe thinks it is because the tree in the photograph was the one to collapse in that terrible storm not so long ago. Yet, I think Phoebe is fibbing here, and she knows exactly why Ann is upset. I wonder why Ann got upset.


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