Divas 8 – The End


The novel ends happily.

For one moment it seemed as if Lola was going to be condemned, and then someone comes forward with his testimony. It is a private investigator who used to work for Lola’s father. He was suspicious of his wife, so Ben asked this PI to upgrade the security cameras so the images would go to a private account. The PI tells the court that an anonymous call gave her the password to access the images, and the court views the footage in which Carin injects insulin to Ben, which first put him into a coma, and then the scene with Lola. At once, Lola is acquitted and Carin is arrested.

It is explained later that Neils was the person who contacted the private investigator. He is there when Lola leaves the court alongside everyone who Lola loves: Jean Marc, her mother, David, Evie, and India. Lola is surprised when Neil says he plans to take her to an isolated spot in Thailand so that she can forget everything. The end of the novel is Neils proposing to Lola, and she accepting.

As for Evie, Lola gives her back the penthouse where she used to live when she was her father’s mistress. She also gets control of the burlesque business, and she also ends the novel with love. Lawrence tells her how much he loves her, and Evie also declares her love for him.

The novel was entertaining. The sex scenes weren’t too much in balance. There are some points that I found a bit implausible like the evidence against Lola. Yet, all in all, I enjoyed the book.


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