Books Read in September


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This month of September has been full of my favourite authors and I have also had the chance to discover new ones. I have to say I loved Amanda Prowse’s Another Love; what a beautiful and cruel account of alcoholism and its effects on a family. I have enjoyed a new mystery by Clara Benson, but this time having Freddie as a protagonist, and it has been a real delight to see Freddie in action again. It was years since I last read “And then There were None”, and even though I didn’t remember of this wonderful Agatha Christie mystery, I have loved to re-discover the characters and the mystery. Another book in Frieda Klein series has also been part of this September’s reading list, and like the previous novels, I have been charmed by this one.

The new authors that I have discovered and liked are Sabine Durrant, who is an author of mysteries, and her book Lie with Me is the first one I’ve read, but I will sure find more of her books in the future. M. Louisa Locke is the author of a series of mystery novels taking place in San Francisco and with Annie Fuller as the main character. And the last author I want to mention is Fiona Gibson, who write great family novels.



















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