Divas 6


Things go from bad to worse for Lola.

Now that she seems to have found some stability thanks to Jean Marc’s help, the police come and arrest her, accusing her of killing her father. Carin and the male nurse set up the whole thing and when Lola was visiting her father, the nurse made her pick up the insulin vial and the syringe, and now her fingerprints are there. I think the evidence to charge Lola with murder is quite feeble. Her fingerprints on the vial and the syringe can’t be considered a definite proof. She was visiting her father and might well have touched things there. And how can the police accuse her of the crime just because of the nurse’s testimony? Doesn’t she have a right to defend herself? Can anybody in America accuse you of a crime and then the police come charging down? I find the system totally unfair and primitive. Lola isn’t given the benefit of the doubt and isn’t even questioned. Thankfully, her lawyer manages to get her released on bail.

Lola realizes that it is her stepmother who wanted to frame her for money. With her father dead, she is entitled to inherit half his estate, but if she is condemned in a criminal court, she wouldn’t get any money, so everything would go to Carin. What a greedy, despicable woman. Lola wants to find the truth, and after a fortuitous encounter with Evie, when both women end up in a scuffle in the club where Evie works, Evie realizes that Lola can’t have killed her father and also wants to find out the truth. She goes to see Lola and offers to help. She has a plan, which involves getting Lawrence into Carin’s house. After a recommendation from Lola’s friend, Lawrences is hired as a personal trainer in Carin’s household. The plan is to find out the nurse’s address and try to get him to tell the truth. And it is during Ben’s funeral with Carin out of the way that Lawrence comes to the house, and after an excuse he is admitted and runs free around the house. He pays dirt and he finds the nurse’s address in Carin’s office. So now I wonder what will happen? Will the nurse be willing to help Lola, or is he too afraid of Carin’s power?

Apart from this, Lola has found out that the only friend she can trust is India. The others have proved to be traitors. Lola concocted some stories that she told her friends to keep to themselves, but then all the stories were passed onto the press, all but what she told India.

Jean Marc has also been having problems. Patricia, the transsexual, appeared the night Lola was out, and she got him into drugs again. When Lola kicked her out, the woman swore she would get her revenge, and I am afraid she might try to harm Lola, maybe plotting against her with Carin. Thankfully, Jean Marc has started to get his act together, and now he has volunteered to go to rehab again.

As for Neils, he and Lola had another moment of passion, but they seem to rub the wrong way. Neils considers her a spoilt, shallow brat, and Lola thinks he is too arrogant for his own good. I guess they will end up together, but so far they only have a physical interest.



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