Divas 5


Lola is realizing that she has been spoilt and knows nothing from the world.

The people she thought were her friends prove to be nothing but greedy acquaintances, and now that she is going through a bad patch, nobody is eager to help her. Lola finds herself at the end of her tether. One of the shocks she gets is when she comes face to face with Evie, who we learn now is a dead ringer of her, and when she learns that Evie was her father’s mistress, looking like her, she feels disgusted. The hotel where she is staying demands regular pay, but the silly woman has been squandering money she didn’t have.

Thankfully, Jean Marc calls her when she is desperate and has no idea where she can crash. He is staying at the plaza, and there he explains to her that he has discovered he is gay at rehab when he met David, who is now his boyfriend. Jean Marc opens his suite for her and even lets her have access to his money. I think Jean Marc is quite generous, and I liked him more now that when he was Lola’s fiancé. It is the following day that she is surprised when Neils turns up. What surprises her more is when Neils suddenly kisses her and they end up in each other’s arms. After the deed, Neils skedaddles without saying a  word, but what I find interesting is that for the first time Lola experiments lust and physical attraction. I think this is the man that got her out of her shell.  I wonder what will happen now or what Neils will be thinking. It is clear that the moment between them has affected Lola, who blushes whenever she thinks about Neils and their passion.

As for Evie, she has moved to the flat under Lawrence’s. She has met the people living there, who are trapezists, and they have a room to let. Lawrence doesn’t take her decision well because he had expectations about Evie. I think he is in love with her, but Evie feels that Lawrence is in her way to her ambition. She really hopes she can hunt another rich man that can restore her previous standing. I am sorry for Lawrence, but at least, Evie is honest with him.

Now in her new abode Evie starts to practise her skills as a rope dancer, and one of the tenants, Laura, seems to be impressed, and I imagine that she is going to be working for the show these people put on.


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