Divas 4


There is a new interesting development.

Lola is allowed to get into her flat and collect her things. She has too much, but without a home she doesn’t know what she will do with her belongings. Her friends prove to be quite unreliable once again as they refuse to let her leave her things in their very big houses. So her only option is to ask her mother. Lola hasn’t seen her mother in years. Apparently, her mother was a beauty in her day, but then she turned hippie, wanting the isolation of her house on the coast and her animals. Lola’s father kept spending more and more time in America, and Carin stepped up. Neither Suzanne (Lola’s mother) nor Benny wanted a divorce, but Carin was the one who seemed to be in control. I have the hunch that the only person who might have loved Benny for himself is Suzanne. It is clear that both Carin and Evie just loved his bank account. What I don’t understand is why Lola cut off ties with her mother or why Suzanne hasn’t contacted her daughter. There must be a story there. Now I am intrigued to read how Suzanne will react to see her daughter after years. Suzanne’s place is clearly not the kind of environment where Lola feels comfortable, and the scene with the geese is quite funny.


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