Divas 3


Lola is learning that the world is not what she believed it was.

Photographs of her hen night when she had some coke appear on the front page of tabloids, and she knows that one of her friends has betrayed her. One of the girls took a photograph of snorting cocaine and has sold the photograph to the press. She manages to talk to Jean Marc, and he admits that he went to visit Patricia the transsexual because he was scared of their wedding and needed what Patricia gave her. Then Lola realizes that she loves Jean Marc but only like a brother. Lola tells him about her predicament, but before she can ask him money, his brother appears and kicks him out. Yet, the brother reappears and hands her a cheque since Jean Marc was adamant to help her out. Neils tells her firmly that she won’t see Jean Marc again.

On her part Evie has taken refuge with Lawrence. I thought she would get another disappointment if the man turned him down and he turned out to be married. Yet, that is not the case. Lawrence opens his run-down flat to her. Lawrence is really nice to her, helping her when she becomes depressed. I am intrigued about Evie and what she is going to do now.


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