Divas 2


Eva’s connection to the Fitzgeralds is clearer.

Benny is Lola’s father, and he didn’t take her to another joint to perform pole-dancing, but she did it just for him in a penthouse. Evie is a kept woman, and she is not ideal either. Her background is quite modest, and one of the good things I have to say is that she fought to leave behind the slums of her childhood. Benny took her away from the club, but she hasn’t really bettered herself as she believes. She has been selling herself to Benny because it is clear that she was only interested in his money and the luxurious life he gave her. She is not faithful either since she is having an affair with her personal trainer, Lawrence. Now Evie gets a shock like Lola when Carin appears and kicks her out of the penthouse. The moment is humiliating, and Evie swears to herself that one day she will have her revenge.

In London Lola has been taken in by her friend Devon. Devon and the other girls are not very nice, having no tact at all. Lola decides she wants to see Jean Marc, but when she is in hospital, Jean Marc’s brother Neils doesn’t allow her to see him. Neils is angry and blames her for the life Jean Marc has been leading. I have the hunch that Neils will have a bigger part as the novel progresses. Lola admits to herself that she doesn’t love Jean Marc passionately, and she even tells her friends that she didn’t have sex with him much; actually, she confesses she didn’t like sex with him or any other men because it was messy and spoiled her hair. I think this means that she hasn’t met a man who can make her forget about herself for one second. I wonder what Lola will do now. She doesn’t have money, and she needs to fly to New York to deal with the situation with her father. At least, she has talked to George, her father’s former lawyer, and he has agreed to help her. I wonder if she will meet Evie, and both women will work together to get back at Carin. Even though I don’t like Lola or Evie much, I like Carin even less, and I really hope she is found out and arrested for attempted murder.


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