Lifers 6 – The End


I finished the book this morning.

There is a happy ending with Jordan and Torrey at the door of a wedding chapel in Vegas, ready to get married. To reach this point, there has been great trouble. One of the local guys, who used to be Mickey’s best friend, beats Jordan up to a pulp without Jordan fighting back. He ends up in hospital, but he recovers. This event brings about some positive things. His mother returns, and after some tense exchanges with Torrey, she seems repentant and wants to do right by Jordan. Torrey’s mother also re-emerges, asking for forgiveness. So when Jordan and Torrey decide to leave the town after his parole is over, they have made their peace with their parents.

The book was okay. The story was interesting, but I find some parts a bit unbelievable. Apart from Jordan, men in that town were nothing but brutes who wanted just violence. I think they shouldn’t have been so shocked about Jordan walking free after jail when they were clearly eager to become criminals themselves. I found the last part of the book too long and it dragged a bit. And as I mention in my previous entry, the sex scenes were too many and I got bored, so I skipped most of them in the end. I imagine that this is the kind of thing expected in this sort of novel.


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