New Book – Divas by Rebecca Chance


I have read another book by Rebecca Chance, and it features women who are beautiful, spoilt, and not very likeable.

In this new book, we are introduced to several women who seem to be similar. In the prologue Carin Fitzgerald decides to kill her husband, injecting something into him. She is in cohorts with his male nurse, who is her lover, but it seems that he is not the only one in the household.

Then we get to know Lola Fitzgerald, a rich, spoilt girl, who is obsessed with her body and beauty, has a quite lazy lifestyle, and uses drugs. Later we know that Lola is Carin’s stepdaughter, and her husband’s daughter. Lola is engaged to marry Jean Marc, who apparently is quite a catch according to her like-minded friends. It is when she is returning home after her hen night that things start to go downhill. She can’t get into her house as her key doesn’t work in an apparently new lock, and then she remembers that there was a problem with her credit cards when she tried to pay at the dermatologist’s clinic. So she calls her father, but Carin answers, telling her that her father is in a coma, and now she has the power. So Carin has decided to stop the flow of cash into Lola’s account, and stop her from using the house that belongs to some company.

Lola panics and tries to call her fiancé, but the call goes directly to voice mail. And then someone shows her a tabloid with Jean Marc on the front page. Apparently, he had an overdose while he was in some transsexual’s place. All of a sudden, Lola realizes she has no home, no money, and no fiancé. I wonder if her four friends will help her in her time of need, or not. I have the feeling that these four women were quite the fair-weather type, so now that Lola has nothing to be envied about, her friends might turn their backs to her. I can’t say I pity Lola. She is quite a brat, and nothing I’ve seen so far appeals to me. She is totally vain, lazy, and totally shallow.

Then there is Evie who is a pole dancer. I have just read the introduction to this new character, and all we know is that Evie is quite petite and is very lithe in her movements. We also know that she is in a relationship with Bennie, who is obsessed with her feet, and when he met her, he decided that the place she was working in wasn’t good enough, so he took her to a more swanky establishment.

Interesting start. I am intrigued to know more about Lola and her predicament. I don’t know if it will be the same, but this reminds me of a film in which a pair of brothers decided to play God and change the destiny of two men: one rich and the other poor. So they did everything to strip one man of his wealth and high standard, and grant the other privileges, money, and power. I know this is not the same, but in a way Lola might experiment what the rich man did in the film.


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