Lifers 5


I never thought that Torrey’s mother would turn her back on Jordan.

I can understand that she wants to protect her daughter, but I think she was quite unfair to Jordan. I am glad that he stood up for Torrey. Thankfully, his friend Hunk from the junkyard gives him some work.

Jordan’s mother is another case. She is so cruel to her son, and I really can’t understand her. She lost her son in a terrible way, but as her husband says, Jordan is the only thing they have left. I guess her son’s death damaged her, and she isn’t really well. No mother would behave so spiteful against her own son. She even leaves the house, and in the meantime Torrey moves with Jordan and his father, and it seems that once his mother is gone, they become a cosy family of three.

The main plot keeps you interested from the first. I have to say that there are parts I find quite implausible. All this hatred towards Jordan is a bit overdone. I can understand that his parents resent him for what he did, but we are talking about a sixteen-year-old boy. Didn’t they stop to think about what this meant for their son? And I really don’t understand how everybody in the town hate Jordan. Apart from that, the sexy scenes and talk are too much and I get a bit bored. I am not a prude about reading sex in books, but when there is too much of it, I really get bored. This is not usually the kind of book I read, but I really find the plot interesting.



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