Lifers 4


I still can’t bring my head around people’s attitudes to Jordan.

What he did was terrible. The death of his brother was a terrible loss for everybody who loved him, including Jordan himself. Yet, Jordan was sixteen, only a child, and people judge him so harshly. His parents are grieving, I know, but don’t they realise that Jordan is also their son? His mother goes as far as to tell him that she wished he had died instead of Mickey. That is a horrible thing to say. I can’t really understand their attitude. It is as if they have never loved their second son. Don’t they feel anything at all? I find that difficult to believe. And then people in town… I think the way they treat Jordan is out of proportion. Yes, he has been in prison. Does that mean that he is the only criminal in the area? Do they treat all criminals the same way?

I am glad that Jordan and Torrey are together now. Jordan is still fighting with himself, but he has the guts to tell Torrey how he feels. I think he feels loved for real for the same time since his brother died. He even mentions marriage, so that naturally freaks her. Torrey has been wounded in the past; when he was seventeen, her first boyfriend cheated on her, and she swore she would never be serious about a man again. Yet, I think that she likes Jordan more than she is ready to admit.

Now Torrey’s mother has found out about Torrey and Jordan, and she is not happy about it. I think the woman’s attitude is not fair either. I can understand she wants to protect her daughter from a man who is known for his violent character. Yet, I think she shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly, and she should know that she can’t rule her daughter. I hope the reverend doesn’t cause any problems for Jordan.


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