New Book -Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan


Publishing year: 2014

I have just started this new novel.

The main character is Polly who is going through a bad patch. She and her partner Chris set up a graphic design business seven years ago, but now as the crisis hit them and there was not so much demand for their products, they go bankrupt. The flat and business are repossessed, and the relationship between Chris and Polly is on the rocks. Chris decides to go to her parents’ for a bit, and Polly starts looking for a place to rent. There are no many flats within her price range in Plymouth, and then she starts extend her limits, and it is then that she sees a house for rent in Cornwall in a place called Mount Pollbearne. Polly went there when she was at school, and after a little thinking she decides to contact the estate agent.

Nice start. From the title we can guess that Polly is going to start a baking business, and there have already been references to her baking skills. Another thing I like about the book is that it is set in Cornwall. I was there last year, and I really love the county. I think it is magical, so I expect this book will be as well.


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