New Book – Mummy Said the F-word by Fiona Gibson


Publishing year: 2008

After reading a few mysteries and more serious books, I have started this humorous, lighter book.

It features Caitlin, whose husband Martin leaves her for another woman. Caitlin has three children, ten-year-old Jake, seven-year-old Lola, and three-year-old Travis. The children are so cute, and eight and nine months after their father left, they are still fighting with the new situation at home. Jake has started a strange cleaning habit and he is cold towards Caitlin. Lola is cleverer than her years, and Travis is a happy boy as he is the youngest. I don’t like Martin at all. His attitude towards his children is quite reproachable. It seems that he is now more interested in his new partner’s child Poppy than in his own offspring. One example is that after promising the children to take them to Thorpe Park, he cries off because it is Poppy’s birthday and he is taking her and her mother to Thorpe Park. I can understand how angry Caitlin feels.

Apart from the children, there are a series of characters that are part of Caitlin’s world. There is Sam, a single parent like her who becomes her best friend. Caitlin claims that she is not attracted to him as her libido is gone since her separation, and she believes that Sam is not interested in her either. Yet, I think from some little details that Sam likes her more than he is letting on.

There is also Jeannie, her mother, who is in a home after she started showing signs of dementia. In the last chapter her carer called to tell her that her mother has escaped the premises.That is really scary. That happened to my grandmother years ago, and we lived some very terrible moments. I just hope Jeannie turns up safe and sound.

Millie is Caitlin’s friend who works for a parental magazine. It is Millie, who offers her a job as a temporary replacement for the magazine’s agony aunt. Caitlin first refuses because she thinks she doesn’t have the knowledge or qualifications to give advice to others. Yet, when she loses her part-time job in a magazine about health, she decides to take on the job.

The last character is Darren. I am not sure if he will have a big role in the novel. He is a television technician who Caitlin takes their television to for repair. Then Darren calls her to invite her to a drink, which she accepts. Darren is years younger than Caitlin, and I doubt there will be a romance between them, but Caitlin feels flattered about it. I am curious to know what will come out of it. Yet, I have to say I don’t want her to have a relationship with Darren. I am rooting for Sam, who I like very much.

Interesting start. This is the first book by Fiona Gibson I have tried, and I have to say that I like what I have read. In a humorous way it makes us reflect about the tribulations of single parents, and what happens when one parent leaves and has another family..

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