Mummy Said the F-word 3 – The End



I haven’t been able to put down the book, and I have finished reading it tonight.

One of the most important things about the end is when Jake decides he wants to go back home with his mother. He has an accident when he is playing football with his father; he follows the ball and a car runs him over. Jake has to stay in hospital for a couple of days, and I think it is during this time he realizes where home really is. Yet, as Martin later says, Jake knew he had made a mistake as soon as he had to leave his home. Thankfully, Caitlin gets her son back.

Another character who also regrets their actions is Martin. Things are not going well between him and Daisy. She wants a baby but Martin thinks he already has a family. So Daisy moves with her parents, and when Jake is discharged from hospital, Martin stays for dinner and he and Caitlin drink too much and they end up in bed together. It is the following day when Caitlin realizes that she doesn’t want Martin back, and when they have talked things through, she decides to start the divorce proceedings.

I found the very ending a bit messy. Caitlin decides to meet R, but he stands her up when he has a situation at home with his ex-wife. They arrange another meeting, and it is the same night when Sam and Amelia, his ex-wife, have arranged to have dinner together. Caitlin finally sees R, whose real name is Richard, and even though he is attractive and nice, Caitlin realizes that there is nothing there. Actually, her friend Millie turns up out of curiosity, and it is clear that Richard likes Millie much more than Caitlin.

What I like most about the ending is the final email. Caitlin returns home, leaving Richard and Millie together. There is an email in her inbox, and the sender explains about him being a single parent of a ten-year-old and having a special friend, who he is in love with. Caitlin knows at once that the email is from Sam, and this is his way to express his feelings for her. He explains about his fears to open up to Caitlin because he was afraid of ruining their friendship or making her uncomfortable. He even says that he didn’t keep the date with his ex, and he is also aware that Amelia started showing interest in him when she realized Sam was too keen on Caitlin.  It is really lovely, and Caitlin replies to his email with a reciprocal declaration of her love. The end of the chapter is Caitlin heading for Sam’s.

The epilogue shows an every-day scene with Caitlin, Sam, and the children. Some time has passed, and Sam has moved in with her. It is obvious that they are happy, and the children are fine with Sam and Harvey being part of their family too. I really loved the book. I enjoyed the humour, the hard parts, and the interesting relationships between all the characters. This is my first Fiona Gibson book, but it won’t be the last.


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