New Book – And Then There were None by Agatha Christie


Publishing year: 1939

This book by Agatha Christie was written in 1939 and is said to be her masterpiece.

I have read it before, but I don’t remember the particulars of every character. At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to a series of characters that have been summoned to Soldier Island off the coast of Devon for different reasons. The characters are the following:

Mr Justice Wargrave who is a judge and has been invited to the island by Constance Culmington.

Vera Claythorne is a secretary in a school, and we learn that she had to take part in an inquest as something happened in her school. We do not have a clear image from the snippets we get out of her, but I have the impression that a child drowned and she tried to save her/him. She also mentions Hugo, but I don’t know if he is her beau or the child. Now this summer she is sent to Soldier Island to be a secretary for the Owens as their secretary had taken ill.

Captain Philip Lombard is also going to the island, and there is some mention of some illegal activities in his past.

Miss Emily Brent is a fractious spinster, who is always complaining about the modern changes in the world. She has been invited to Soldier Island by Mrs Owen, a woman who allegedly she met in a B&B in Cornwall, but Miss Emily can’t really remember who Mrs Owen is.

General McArthur also has some dark secret in his past.

Dr Armstrong is a successful physician, and years ago it seems he indulged in drinking, but he eventually put his act together and stopped drinking.

Tony Marston also goes to Soldier Island. He is handsome, with a magnificent, fast car. Other than that, we don’t know who he is.

And Mr Blore, who calls himself Davis, seems to know who every guest is and why they are in the house. He is some kind of host.

It seems that all the characters have something to hide, some secret, some misdemeanour. When they land on Soldier Island, they are told that Mr Owen won’t be there to welcome them and he will arrive the following day. I know that one by one every person will be murdered, and the murderer is one of the group. I don’t remember who the criminal is or the reasons of the crimes, but I think it has to do with those bad actions they have tried to hide.


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