Maids of Misfortune 4 – The End



I was right all along.

It wasn’t really surprising because the culprit was the most likely suspect. Samuels not only killed his partner Matthew and the maid, but also he had no respect for anybody. He had clear ideas about how to go through his plans, threatening to kill Annie and also terrorizing Mrs Voss and Nancy. He would force Annie to write two letters, one admitting her blame and Nellie’s in Matthew’s death, and the other confessing Jeremy’s involvement. The first letter would mean Jeremy’s freedom, and the second would assure the two women’s silence when Jeremy were a free man. What Samuels didn’t count on was that these three men could rebel and knock him over. When Wong returned with Nate, Jeremy and Patrick the policeman, the three woman had Samuels rolled into the carpet like a sausage. I think Samuels underestimated Wong, his disdain blinding him into realizing that Wong would fetch help, which he did. When he returned, he brought Nate, Jeremy, and Patrick with them.

The epilogue was quite lovely. Annie gets the visit from Driscoll, who demands payment, but Annie outwits him. His demands are invalid as she paid all her debtors when John died, and she even published an advertisement in the newspaper, asking the debtors to step forward. Yet, Driscoll didn’t do it because he was biding his time, expecting to get a bigger payment. What he hoped was to lay his hands on Annie’s house. Yet, that won’t be as Annie now has a good adviser, and it is obvious in the last lines that Nate and she are more than friends, and the kiss they shared in the Voss’s house started what seems to be a loving relationship.

I loved the book and the mystery. I think Annie is a great character, resolute, generous, kind, and I love Nate, who is her perfect match. I’ll definitely read the other books in the series.


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