All the Hopeful Lovers 3


Our characters try to cope with the conflicts they are immersed in.

Belinda is still hurting; she has even told her daughter Chloe about her father’s indiscretion. She is so angry and hurt that she feels a deep urge to hurt Tom. So in an impulse she emails a man from her past: Kenny, who at seventeen she kissed when she was going out with someone else. She has always regretted not pursuing her interest for Kenny. The man replies to her email instantly, and from his words he sounds like a satyr. He directly tells her he wants to meet her and maybe continue the kiss they started so many years ago, and Belinda doesn’t hesitate to accept. I think Belinda doesn’t really want to be unfaithful, but she simply wants to have some retaliation. I don’t know what will happen between Belinda and Kenny, but I don’t like him at all.

As for Tom, he has talked to Meg to tell her their affair is over. Meg is hurt and wants some reassurances that she has meant something to him. From his reflections I can say that Tom is not very sympathetic. He is not bad, but I think his beliefs and way to look at life and relationships are very different to what Belinda and Meg think. He wants the pleasure but he doesn’t want to get involved emotionally. I think that is the main problem in relationships when either part wants something different. Meg didn’t have any aspirations with Tom; she didn’t expect him to leave his wife, but I think it’s logical of her to want something more from Tom.

Chloe’s idea about relationships is valid if that is the way she believes, but I’m not sure if she might have got into deep trouble now. When she dropped by Alice’s and Guy was there, I grew suspicious. I was right; the man arranged to meet her in London, and Chloe decided to go. Now it seems they are going to have some kind of relationship. The man could be her father; actually, Alice, who is Guy’s daughter, is the same age as Chloe. I don’t know if Guy is bad news for Chloe since she has a very nontraditional belief about relationships. I wonder if it will create problems with Alice. We know that Alice and Chloe are not really friends, and Alice knows what her father is like, but I think that it will create some jealousy. It is clear that Guy hasn’t cared for Alice much in his life, and if he turns his attention to Chloe, I’m pretty sure Alice won’t like it.

Regarding Alice and Jack, they met for lunch as Chloe had arranged. From the first moment Alice realizes that Jack wanted to see Chloe and not her. So she is honest enough to put the cards on the table and relax. I really like Alice, and I think Jack is a fool for not valuing what a great person and woman Alice is. Jack is simply infatuated by Chloe’s beauty and fresh ways. I don’t know if in the end something will happen between Jack and Alice, but it will be nice if he comes to realize that relationships are more about finding a person to match your personality than about beauty and sex.

Laura has talked to her brother-in-law after Diana expressed her concerns. The problem was that Roddy is simply questioning life and wants to find God. He feels life should be more than the everyday hypocritical concerns he has put up with for years. I still don’t understand the man. I haven’t understood why all of a sudden he decides to find God. I believe that you have faith or you don’t. It is not something you decide to do or have.

Apart from these main characters, there is another subplot about the old artist Anthony Armitage that was mentor to Joe Nolan, a very modern artist. Anthony is grumpy, and he has befriended Carrie when he found her near his house. He found beauty in her and felt an urge to paint her. Carrie accepted, and they have started a strange friendship. I find Carrie very negative for such a young girl. She thinks making an effort is worthless as life doesn’t make sense, and what you have ahead of you is more disappointment. Anthony doesn’t contradict her, and Carrie feels at ease with this man who shares her opinions and treat her as an equal. Anthony is displaying his paintings that week, and I fear that the show could be more about himself than the paintings. Could he be planning to commit suicide as he is clearly so disillusioned with life?

There is also the plumber Matt Early, who is going to fix Meg’s shower. He seems to have fallen in love with Meg, and just from those moments he had seen her, he feels confident to say that Meg is the woman for her. Will he be brave enough to do something about it? Will he ask her out? Or will Meg be too hurt after the fiasco with Tom?


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