New Book – The Flower Seller by Ellie Holmes


Publishing year: 2016

This is a romantic novel, which I am glad.

After the sadness in the previous book I have read, I am glad to read something that might be light and romantic. It is not light as far as I’ve seen. The main character is Jessie Martin, who isn’t not going through the best stage in her life. Her husband of twenty years has recently left her for Chelsea, a twenty-four-year-old hairdresser, not much older than their daughter Hannah. William’s excuse was that when his father died, Jessie wasn’t there for him as she was working too much, so at the time he met Chelsea who really listened to her. I have to agree with Jessie. That is no excuse. Maybe there were problems in their marriage; after twenty years, things might have relaxed, and they were taking things for granted. So I think William should have talked to her instead of going to find another woman.

Jessie is a lawyer who specialises in conveyance. She works with William who is a criminal lawyer, so the situation is quite complicated. William abandoning her came as a shock, and at first, she was reluctant to give him a divorce. Now it is one of her resolutions, so she hires a lawyer who wants to get her a good deal. Jessie wants to keep her family home and she is also entitled to good money, since William took money out of their joint account to buy a house for him and his lover. The lawyer also reckons that since Jessie worked part-time for years to look after their daughter, she couldn’t become a partner in their firm, so that means that her financial position is lower than William’s because of the years Jessie stayed at home. What William wants, though, is to sell the house and divide the proceeds. I have the impression that his new partner is pushing him in a direction that he doesn’t want. On top of everything, she is now pregnant and wants to get married. I don’t know, but I have the feeling that William is starting to regret what he has done. We’ll see where all this leads.

On a happy note, Jessie meets Owen, who is a flower seller and ten years younger than her. They hit it off, and Owen asks her out, and she accepts. Soon they become an item, adn even though Owen has owned up his feelings for her, Jessie is cautious as she is clearly still hurt by her husband’s betrayal. Besides, I think she is still in love with William, and I’m not sure if she is really into this new relationship, which is a bit unfair for Owen, who seems to be a nice guy.

Interesting start. The forty-something husband having an affair with a blonde, sexy, much younger woman is quite a cliché, but I find this interesting. William is intelligent and a good man despite everything, and I would like to see how his life with his new partner really is. I really hope that he regrets leaving his wife for someone who might not be his ideal partner in the end.

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