New Book – L is for Lawless – Kinsey Millhone 12 by Sue Grafton


Publishing year: 1994

Another Kinsey Milhone mystery.

This time we find Kinsey in the middle of the arrangements for William Pitts and Rosie’s wedding. The wedding will be a small event, with just William’s three brothers and sister, and Rosie’s sister attending. When Henry, Kinsey’s landlord, is about to pick up her siblings from the airport, he runs into Kinsey and asks her to look into a matter as a favour. From the first lines in the chapter we know that this case won’t end up well and Kinsey could have ended up dead. She mentions having a big lump on her head as a result, and she could well have lost a couple of teeth. The favour Henry asks is to look into a matter of a neighbour. Johnny Lee died recently, and his grandchild Bucky had it cremated. Yet, knowing that Johnny was in the army, Bucky’s father thinks that they could give him a military funeral, but when they apply for it, the authorities can’t find Johnny Lee’s file, so that is why Kinsey is going to help.

I am quite intrigued to know how Kinsey almost loses her life after investigating this man’s past. Did Johnny hide something dangerous? What will Kinsey discover?


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