The Girl You Lost 4 – The End




Unfortunately, I was right. Simone gets the shock of her life. When her mother-in-law tells her to go through Matt’s old things if she wants,  she sees a photograph of Matt with Nick, Lucas, and Daniel, and in that instant there is a knock at the door and the police come to arrest Matt for assault and rape. I don’t know what gave me the clue, but I knew that Helena’s kidnapping couldn’t be a random thing and there must have been a link there, and the only link I could think was Matt.

The cursive parts were Matt’s accounts of his depravity. The friendship that he relates is between him and Nick. It is when they killed a woman, Tia, that he wants out, and shortly afterwards he meets Simone and falls in love with her. Yet, Nick won’t stop pestering him. Even though Matt assures him that he won’t breathe a word, Nick is not so convinced. When Simone falls pregnant, Matt admits that it is the last thing he wanted, and the baby is too much for him. Then Nick begs him to meet, and he orders him to make a sacrifice to prove that his word is genuine. So he and Daniel tell him that he should give away the baby since Daniel’s sister wants a baby. So it is Matt who orchestrated the kidnapping, and he must have been a superb actor when Simone made references to his sadness and bitterness when Helena went missing.

Matt admits that he used to see Helena when Ginny took her to his surgery. And when Grace came to him and Simone, he lied and never sent the samples for DNA testing because he was afraid the truth would be revealed. He even admits to helping Nick to hide Lucas’s body. Actually, Nick killed Lucas, not Grace. He battered him, enraged that Lucas had talked to the girl, and then Nick must have kidnapped and killed Grace.

Matt is really a monster, and I’m stunned that Simone could never guessed a thing and thought so hightly of him throughout the whole novel. In his letter he begs to be forgiven, and in the epilogue a year later there is something good in it. Simone and Abbott are together, and she mentions becoming good friends with Ginny and Hannah, Lucas’s wife. She also says that from prison Matt has been harassing her to visit him, but naturally, Simone won’t have any of it. She has moved from their house and has removed every trace of Matt, and now she is happy with Abbott and expecting a baby. After the terrible ordeal she has gone through, I am glad there is some happiness for her.

I really enjoyed the book. I like a good mystery, and this one was superb. Even though I suspected who the mysterious bad guy could be, I really hoped I was wrong. Yet, it was good to read and find out is I had been right. A great read!!!


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