New Book – Regarding Anna by Florence Osmund


Publishing year: 2015

The narrator in this book is Grace Thalia Lindroth, who has just settled as a private investigator in the 1960s.

The only reason why she studied to be an investigator is to discover the truth about her origins. Her parents died after inhaling carbon monoxide and then she discovered in their attic some articles about someone called Anna Thalia Vargas. In the articles Anna was reported to have been murdered and her baby kidnapped, and apart from the newspaper articles Grace found some photographs of a baby and the woman. All that led her to think that she was the baby and Anna her real mother. So the reason why she dropped out of college where she was studying interior designing and decided to study to be an investigator instead is to find out about her real mum. Grace suspects that if her parents ended up with her, it means that they were involved in her kidnapping or Anna’s murder, so even though she loved her parents, she wants to find out the truth.

I am intrigued about Grace and her search for the truth. I wonder who Anna was and what happened for her to end up dead and Grace with the Lindroths.


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