New Book – The Little Shop of Happy Ever After by Jenny Colgan


Publishing year: 2016

I have just started this book.

It is about a twenty-nine-year-old woman, called Nina, who works in a library. However, when there are some budget cuts, the little library where she works is to be closed down, so she need to find a new job. The company offers its employees some courses to adapt to the new adaptations in the central library. In this course, the instructor develops some activities and in one of them Nina admits that her dream is to have her own bookshop. The problem is that Nina has no money, and the instructor tells her that she doesn’t have to have a physical place, and there are some other entrepreneurs who have developed their business in barges or vans. An idea comes to Nina, especially as she sees an advertisement for a van, which is in Scotland. Her friend Griffin thinks it is a crazy idea, but she decides to go to Scotland and have a look. So she finds herself in a very remote village in Scotland. I wonder why Nina couldn’t find a van to buy in Birmingham where she lives. I imagine that even though she is shy and indecisive, she will eventually try to make her project a reality.


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