K is for Killer 8 – The End



I have mixed feelings about the ending.

There are many loose ends, and even though Kinsey realises who the killer is and why he killed Lorna, there are also two other deaths. First, Danielle dies, which was quite a blow, but we don’t know why she was attacked or if that was linked to Lorna’s death. Did she also know something that was risky? And then Ruby’s father, Clark Esselman, dies in his pool electrocuted. There is a hint that his death could be linked to some developer, Stubby Stockton, but it is not clear why he is killed or the reason why he is killed now, ten months after Lorna’s murder.

The murderer got his comeuppance as in a fit of rage Kinsey calls the alleged attorney who represents the seedy man engaged to Lorna. It was clear that these people intended to kill the murderer. As soon as Kinsey utters the name of the murderer, he regrets it, so she drives to the water treatment plant to warn Roger, but for some reason the man uses a taser gun on her that paralyses and then flees. I am not sure why Roger does that, and if he feared Kinsey was a risk for her, why did he simply paralyse her momentarily? What did he try to achieve? Later we know that Roger was never seen again, so we imagine that the thugs got him and probably killed him.

I liked the book and the mystery. I didn’t guess the murderer even though I suspected him at some point. I’ve been left somehow unsatisfied because there is not a clear explanation about the murders and why these people were killed.

Apart from the murderer, I find Lorna’s sister totally unlikeable. She found her sister dead and instead of calling the police, she left her there to rot, and then she took her sister’s details and account books for her own use because in her logic Lorna had promised to give her some money. How could anyone be so cold and calculating? She even made it look as if her sister had been alive by pretending to be her at the bank, so that is why the police thought Lorna had died one Friday when she has actually been killed the day before. We don’t know what happened to Beryl but I imagined she must have been prosecuted for her crimes and callousness.

As for Cheney, I thought something might crop up between him and Kinsey. He kept touching her all the time, and he was charming and attentive to her. Yet, almost at the end of the novel we learn that he has a girlfriend, and Kinsey makes no further reference to him. I wonder whether he’ll appear in the next mysteries. I want some romance for Kinsey. The two other love interests are gone. Jonah Robb went back to his wife, and Kinsey decided that she couldn’t be bothered to invest in a relationship that was too complex. Then Robert Dietz left for Germany; we know that she keeps a photo of him in her place, but whether they keep in contact or if he’ll ever be back is not clear. I hope that Robert returns to Kinsey at some point, or else, I would like Kinsey and Cheney to start something. I’ll have to see what happens in the other books.


3 thoughts on “K is for Killer 8 – The End

  1. Yes about all of this- I myself am frustrated with the ending of this book and am scouring the Internet in the hopes that someone will create a narrative that will make this make sense to me!

  2. I, too am left hanging. No idea why Roger killed Lorna OR why Clark Esselman was killed. I find that all the Alphabet Books take unexpected turns at the very end but at least make sense. Sue Grafton, what were you thinking 🤔?

  3. I, too am left hanging. No idea why Roger killed Lorna OR why Clark Esselman was killed. I find that all the Alphabeot Books take unexpected turns at the very end but at least make sense. Sue Grafton, what were you thinking 🤔?

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