New Book – K is for Killer by Sue Grafton


Publishing year: 1994

A new case for Kinsey.

This time a woman, Janice Kepler, hires her to look into her daughter’s death. She thinks that she was murdered a few months ago. She was found in her cottage in an advanced state of decomposition. Her mother thought she was going on holiday, so she didn’t check on her until someone else found the body. Because of the condition the body was found in, it is not clear the cause of her death or whether it was murder or a natural death. What we know is that Lorna was quite a peculiar character, tried to keep herself to herself, but the policeman who investigated the case tells Kinsey that the woman was a high standard prostitute and a lot of money was found in her accounts. Besides, a short time after her death, her mother got a tape in which Lorna took part in a pornographic film.

The start is interesting, but I can hardly make any guesses. Could this be a passionate murder? Or maybe a family matter?  We know that Lorna had two elder sisters, Berlyn and Trinny, and from her first impression Kinsey thinks that despite her seedy activities Lorna had more glamour and class than her sisters. Apart from her sister and her parents, Lorna didn’t socialise much. She used to hang out with a radio DJ, Hector Moreno, who she had befriended after calling him several times for song requests. Lorna used to be a night owl and listen to Hector’s programme during the night. We also know that she worked part time in a water plant, but so far Kinsey hasn’t investigated this part.


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