New Book – The Thread by Victoria Hislop


Publishing year: 2011

I have only read a few pages in this new book.

The novel starts in Thessaloniki in 2007, and we are introduced to Mitsos, a young student who was born and raised in England, and his grandparents Katerina and Dimitri Komninos. Mitsos knows little about his family’s history, and it is then when his grandparents start telling him the story.

So the action jumps back in time, and we are then in 1917. We get to know Konstantinos Komninos and Olga Komninos, who are married. I guess that the couple must be Dimitri’s parents and Mitso’s great grandparents. Konstantinos is a wealthy cloth merchant, who thanks to the war and the need for fabric is amassing a nice fortune. His wife, Olga, is pregnant, but the pregnancy isn’t going smoothly. She feels uncomfortable and hot, and she has terrible nightmares in which her baby disappears.

I still need to read more to understand the story better and what the key points are. I know little about Greece and its history, so it is going to be a educational journey for me.


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