Bad Behaviour 5 – The End

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I really enjoyed the book.

I was curious to read about the wedding, which eventually did not take place. The company where Nieve was making millions of dollars went bankrupt as one of the clerks find a fraud. So her bosses were arrested, so with no money this was a bombshell for Nieve. She flees her own wedding, but eventually, she returns to Aidan after Darcey steps in and helps them. I like the part in which Darcey and Aidan talk, and she realises that she has been more hurt about the betrayal than about the fact that she lost the love of her life. Reflecting upon the facts, she concludes that she had been over Aidan for a long time, and she admits that it is Nieve who Aidan loves and has always loved. So even though Darcey doesn’t think they will be as close friends as they used to be, she doesn’t resent Nieve any longer.

The part that is my favourite is the last chapter when Neil finally opens his heart and tells Darcey that he is still in love with her. Darcey had moved to Edinburgh as she had been promoted and is doing Neil’s job while Neil stayed in Dublin. So when she is in Italy on business, Neil appears out of the blue to confess his feelings. It is Anna who had seen that he still had feelings for Darcey, and she suspected that Darcey was not indifferent either. Then Darcey tries to convince Neil that he’s wrong and doesn’t love him, and she turns him down. Then a second later she goes after him and they end up together. Just beautiful!!!

I really loved the book. I simply couldn’t put it down, and I’m really going to miss these characters that in the last few days have been part of my imagination.


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