New Book – My Mother’s Secret by Sheila O’Flanagan


Publishing year: 2015

The title of this book intrigues me.

We get a clue what the novel is going to be about: a mother with a secret. So I’ve already making guesses as we are introduced to the Sheehan’s. The main character is Stephie, who is a creative designer, and at the moment we meet her, she is stressed as her older sister has put her in charge of arranging everything for their parents’ surprise party for their 4oth wedding anniversary. Stephie is the youngest child to Pascal and Jenny Sheehan. Roisin is the eldest at thirty-nine; she is married and has three children. The two sisters are chalk and cheese. While Roisin is dark and stocky like their father, Stephie is slender and coltish, and Stephie’s modest personality contrasts with her sister’s overwhelming one. There is a third child, Davey, who is 37. So far we know little about this family, but I keep wondering if the mother’s secret might have something to do with Stephie. There is a ten year gap between her and Davey, so I wonder whether the key is here. Maybe Jenny had an affair and Stephie is the fruit of that liaison? I know my imagination always wanders to romance, secret children, and adulterous affairs, but I often get it right. Maybe this woman’s secret is something else.


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