New Book -Tuesday’s Gone by Nicci French


Publishing year: 2012

This is the second book in the Frieda Klein series.

The novel starts with a social worker paying a visit to a woman who has been in a mental instituation and has been discharged recently. When Maggie, the social worker, visits Michelle, the latter asks her if she wants to see ‘him’, and then she is led to a room, and there she finds a naked man in advanced state of putrefaction. So the police are called.

At the same time Frieda is being investigated in relation to the case of the previous book. She has been reported by Mrs Caroline Dekker, Alan Dekker’s wife, who considers that Frieda used her husband and betrayed his trust as his therapist. We know that Alan had visions of a child, and through these visions the police discovered that Alan had a twin brother, who was responsible for the kidnapping of a little boy and also the disappearance of a girl twenty years ago. At the end of the book it appears that this twin brother commits suicide, but we know that the dead man is Alan, and the wicked brother has taken his place. I’m glad that this case continues in this new book because I hope that Dean, the wicked brother, could be found out and pays for his crimes. I wonder how Caroline Dekker hasn’t realized her husband is not really her husband, and I’m afraid she might be in danger. Who knows what this man could do to her if she were to suspect something.

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