New Book – Love by Deception by K.C. Barnard


Publishing year: 2014

This is not a novel, but non-fiction.

It is the author’s account of her unlucky love stories. The writer introduces herself as a woman who cancelled her wedding to a wonderful man because she felt at 23 she didn’t know what she wanted from life. She longed for adventure and seeing the world, so after the break up, she joined a friend to go backpacking for a year. After a brief stint as a secretary, she started a career as a flight attendant, first in commercial flights, and then for private owners. That is why she is stationed in the Middle East, in particular Bahrain. It is here that she meets the man she called “Devil Man”. He is charming, handsome, and everything she could dream of. Yet, the dream turns into a nightmare. The man is possessive, which at first she sees it as charming attention, but then it becomes too much. He insults, hits, humiliates, and even rapes her. He threatens to kill her, and she is so scared that she can’t do anything to leave her. She manages to dump him once, but then he comes to her with promises, and despite the terrible humiliation she has already suffered, she gets back to him. His promises are null, and soon the same starts happening again. Thankfully, she finds help and manages to leave that horrible man. The reflections that the author make at the end of this section are interesting. It is easy to judge the woman who have gone through a case like this, but when you are living it, I imagine it can’t be easy to take the first step to finish the situation. This woman was single and had no children, but she lived in a country where women were not sheltered, in fact, quite the opposite, so she wouldn’t get help from the authorities, which meant that it took her that long to leave the man. The case is similar to those women who have children and are not financially independent. Even though there are institutions helping women in this situations, I can imagine that doing something must be terribly difficult, especially when in some cases her relatives might not be very supportive.

The second man the author falls in love with is dubbed Cockroach. He is not violent like Devil Man, but he proves to be despicable as well. He is a compulsive liar and a freeloader. The writer strings her along, not worrying to get money from her. He lies when she talks about having children, and then months later he tells her about having a half vasectomy, and then he intends she pays the reversal. He lies about his business deals, his possessions, and his ex-wives. When the man realizes that she is suspicious, he breaks up with her with a text. The author later learns that nothing he had said about his assets and his ex-wife was true, and she also learns that he was cheating on her. The only thing that she feels sorry for is that she grew fond of his daughters, and with the relationship ending she won’t see them any longer.

Interesting book. I didn’t expect it to be non-fiction, but I like how the author explains these experiences she had. The part about Devil Man is terrifying, but I like the honesty and clarity of the facts she describes.


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