The Silent Sister 5 – The End



I loved the ending. All the secrets come out when Riley visits Lisa and the band. Riley learns that Lisa has been playing in this bluegrass band, formed by Celia, her brother and cousin. She also learns that Lisa and Celia are married and have two children. She feels left out and abandoned when she sees photos of their wedding, and her father is there. And it is then that Jeannie tells her about the jade pendant that she gave her when she stayed with her after finding out she was pregnant with Riley. The poor girl is having shock after shock, and nothing she believed is true. Danny has made his own investigation and learnt that Lisa is part of a band that is scheduled to play in New Bern, and he intends to report her to his cop friend.

Afraid for Lisa, Riley goes to see her in another town, and there is a tender moment between them, but then when Riley talks about her feelings, she feels angry and ends up leaving. Back in her apartment, she is in shock and there is a knock at the door. It is Celia who tells her the truth Lisa has been unable to. As I suspected, Steve Davis was Riley’s father, and after years of fondling and touching her, he raped her in Italy. Then Lisa realised she was pregnant and made up an Italian boy because she was still afraid. And the day when she killed Steven, the man had gone to see her because as his wife was unable to have children, he had guessed Riley was his and threatened to take her to court for her custody. Seeing little Riley in his arms sent Lisa to the edge, especially remembering everything she went through with him, so the murder was not accident. She really shot him on purpose.

The shock is terrible for Riley, and she is more determined than ever to talk Danny out of his intentions. However, she has an accident as she returns to New Berg. Riley gets a concussion and some broken ribs, and in the hospital Danny and Lisa re-meet. Danny has learnt the whole truth, but he still thinks that however terrible Steven was, Lisa killed a man. I think he is right, and I imagine that had she stood trial, Lisa might have got some mercy. In any case, that never happens as Danny promises not to breathe a word despite his own convictions.

So in the end Riley moves near Lisa and Celia, and they have a happy ending. Even though it is not right for a murderer to get away, I think that Lisa had her punishment in some other way. She had to forfeit her family and lived many anguishing years. Now she got her happy ending, but there are some things that she will never get back. I really loved the book. It was totally engrossing, and even though I guessed most of the things, I still wanted to know.


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